Misty motorway at dusk

Getting a grip on driver safety



Road traffic injuries and deaths are a huge global problem. Even Europe, which has the safest roads in the world, sees 9.3 deaths a year for every 100,000 people – a figure that is still far too high.

We have issued a white paper to explore this topic and some of the potential solutions. It starts by setting out the challenge and the importance of driver safety for businesses, given that around 50% of the vehicles on the road are registered to corporate organisations.

We then turn to some of the reasons that road-safety progress has slowed in recent years – in particular, distracted driving – before looking at safety-related developments, from legislation to the latest technology, which includes features for ‘active safety’.

We finish with a range of ideas for companies; showing the value of effective fleet safety programmes and suggesting ways they can be implemented and monitored.

Our whitepaper is only 18 pages long, but it’s full of insights and useful ideas. Download your copy today – and if you’d like to discuss what it covers with one of our experts, please get in touch.

Download your copy today 


Road risk resources:

  • ROSPA – Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents https://www.rospa.com/
  • Brake – The Road Safety Charity http://www.brake.org.uk/
  • Think! Road Safety Campaigners https://www.think.gov.uk/




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